Episode 60: Review of X-the band, Namibia-land of supermodels, Congrats to Saudi Arabia and Planet Fitness Forums

This is indeed a big celebration. Podcast #60. To celebrate I just sit back, cock my head back and see what comes out of my mouth.


1. If you are in a town where X (the band) is playing, you deserve a chance to see one of the, if not the greatest, punk alternative band to come out of the U.S. I saw them and they were awesome!
2. Saudi Arabia has moved up to be my second largest demographic. Thank you my friends!
3. I talk about the Bizarre Foods episode I saw on Namibia.
4. You should never get so serious you can’t make fun of yourself. No,I am not talking about me, I am talking about Planet Fitness. We should never get so serious we can’t stop and have some fun with these guys. Google the term ” Planet Fitness Forums” just to see what happens. 


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Coach Mike

Episode 59: Sports Drinks and Tanning Lotions

Hi Y’all,

Episode 59 explores some of my nutty ideas about Sports drinks and Sun Tan Lotion. Ooops I mean sun protection.

Again, I am not asking you to believe everything I say but I do think it is wise to question authority and things we take for the truth.

A perfect example is the sport drink. When should you drink them, why should you drink them and how often. People never seem to think about this. The central concern about all this is your electrolyte balance and do you need help in maintaining it.

10 years ago this would not have been an issue. Now with everyone drinking filtered, reverse osmosis, purified to the bejeezus water you should probably be drinking a sports drink. Purified water gives you clean water, yes I won’t argue that. But it doesn’t replace the electrolytes you have lost through sweat. I talk about why you need electrolytes and water in balance in the podcast but this is why you can drink gallons of purified water and never feel satiated. 

Great for water companies, terrible for you because you never get hydrated. Think about it.

As for this obsession we have about sunblock, I have a couple thoughts about that that make a lot of sense but you probably won’t agree with.

So have a listen. You may get informed or you may just get mad. Either way I will 
make you think.

Episode 58: Talking About Monsanto and an Easy Way to Lose Fat

All I am asking for is a “Whooooooo!”

Is that so much to ask? Do it now, Rick Flair style and you will have a smile on your face.

Sometimes in life, everyday in fact, you should raise your arms up, cock your head back and Whooooooooooooo!

Here are a couple links I mention in the Podcast.

This is a podcast that has a lot of my own opinions in it. As always, do your own research and figure this stuff out for yourself. 

I found this article interesting for a number of reasons. I have never seen a corporate giant play the pity card so poorly and be so arrogant at the same time.

It reminds me of having a job interview and telling white lies.

“Mike, what is your biggest weakness?”
” Well sir, it is that I care so much about my job. I…care…..so…doggone….much about doing a good job!”

If they spent a fraction of the money they spend on buying politicians, getting their people in seats of power (head of FDA) on making a safer product maybe they would not be so hated.

If all you knew about Monsanto was the fact that Europe basically wants nothing to do with their product you would be on the right track. If you knew what they were doing to farmers in India you would be disgusted. 

They can talk all they want to about feeding the world as their noble cause. But at what cost are they doing it?

We end on a positive note talking about the best way i have found to drop fat consistently.

Episode 57: High EMF and a Couple Ways you can Reduce it For Free

After lecturing everybody about going down rabbit holes it looks like I went down one myself. But let’s be honest here. Don’t you look at all the people with cell phones and think ” What am I walking through everyday? Is it dangerous? It can’t be good for me”.

This is the question I have become obsessed with. If cell phones are safe, why do the manufacturers tell you (in small print) to keep it away from your body? What about all the WI-Fi networks. Are we really walking through a soup of EMF?

High EMF exposure has been linked to sleeping disorders, anxiety, immune system disorders, headaches, mind fog etc….

Emf is Electro Magnetic Frequencies. The earth has it’s own EMF but we are now basking in artificially made EMF. Or are we? 

This is the question of the day and to solve this I bought a Trifield XE-100 to measure all this crap.

There is actually a lot of good news in this podcast along with a number of ways to reduce your exposure without spending a penny.