Episode 56: Rabbit Holes, Squats at 70 and King Arthur

Welcome to Podcast 56! 

The bad news: R.I.P. Keith Richard Betta fish Born 2011(?) – 2015

The Good News We now have an adopted lion.Please welcome King Arthur to the M Factor Fitness family.
We have become a sponsor for the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/

Is there any interest in setting up a paypal account to adopt these animals?
If so let me know and I will see what I can do.

Okay, so I had someone ask me if I train people over 60 differently. That is actually a great question and it is one where people are surprised by the answer. The real answer is a resounding no. Given that answer you have to take a couple things into account.
1. The older you are the greater the recovery time (in most cases).
2. The older you are the greater chance you have some injuries or issues we need to fix.
3. There may be issues stemming from atrophy and disuse.

Now saying all that…those are not things that a 30 year old can’t suffer from. The idea is to analyze everybody as an individual and start with a program they can recover from and add exercises to fix any deficiencies.

Bottom line is this: there is no reason a 65 year old can’t perform the same exercises as a 25 year old. In fact they need to do those exercises for strength and balance. They key is to apply the right progression.

If this isn’t the answer you want then go DVR Sit and Be Fit and be happy getting zero results.

We also talk about going down rabbit holes which seems to be an obsession with the fitness industry. People get fixated on one aspect of being healthy and they go into the Alice in Wonderland world of madness. Please don’t get extreme about any aspect of training. It never helps and it tends to distract you from your real goals. 

Episode 55: Sets and Tweaks and Updates

Episode 55 starts with updates on Keith Richards Betta Fish, Ghosts and  MyWorkoutPro.com. I also decide to confess that I never check my Facebook or Google Plus accounts so if you have any questions or ideas the best way to get them heard and answered is through Twitter or My website. 

Next we talk about why it is important for me to do this podcast. People are just getting bad information left and right these days and it 
a) irks me,
b) saddens me
c) wears me out.
This is how zombies get you. They aren’t fast. They aren’t bright. They just have numbers and they keep coming at you. The same can be said with all the con men and dim bulbs in the fitness industry. You eventually succumb to them because there are too many to fight.

Luckily there are pockets of resistance out there and we are doing our best to actually help you.

Tweaks are when you get something that could become an injury of you don’t take care of it immediately. I talk about this.

Sets are another topic that most people would find boring but if you really want to make progress with your fitness you need to know how to construct your sets.

Yes this episode will not be as funny as ragging on Planet of Fitness for an hour but I can’t make every episode like that. I mean I could, There are certainly enough fake gyms and bad information to make this a daily podcast but will that really help you in the long run?

So I will talk about tweaks and sets for 30 minutes. I have given you fair warning. 

Episode 54: Planet Fitness Article Blows My Mind

Yes my mind is officially blown in episode 54. Blown to bits. I had heard of the Planet Fitness chain but had never been in one. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character with people and with gyms. I can meet a person and get a good idea of who they are within minutes. I can look in the window of a gym and make a decision even quicker. 

Most gyms these days are just plain awful. This is not my opinion but actual fact. Back in the day gyms were run by people who had a love of weights and the weight lifting culture. They cared about their product and the people who worked out there were family. 

Today you have corporate gyms and franchise opportunities whose main interest is bringing in as many people as possible so they can open as many “gyms” as possible. Weights are replaced by shiny machines, water fountains by juice bars and rows of dumbbells by rows of cardio machines. 

Sad. Very sad and the worst offender of all may be Planet Fitness. T-Nation does a great job of reviewing this castration of the iron culture in this article found here.