Post 152: Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says

Really? I had no idea! Ha ha ha Ha. Actually I did and hopefully if you follow me you did too.

Far be it for me to kick a man when he is down…..but if the guy walks around in scrubs all day I think I can make an exception.

In my opinion, this is just a guy who wants to be listened to and respected. In doing this he may have gotten caught up in the fitness hype of shouting louder than everyone else to be heard. Bigger claims, “cutting edge science”, new miracle supplements. Stuff you have all heard before. In other words, he is not the only one to be guilty of turning into a fitness hack.

But he certainly is the funniest one! Going on tv shows dressed up in scrubs! Fantastic!!!!

Here is the link to the story. 



Episode 39: Super Bowl Rants and Nutrition Jibber Jabber

This is the first of what we will call the mushmouth podcasts. I am getting over a virus and I don’t seem to be able to put sentences together. Or coherent ideas for that matter. I do get mad enough to rant about the NFL so I guess maybe all is not lost with this episode.

Honestly I forgot what this one is about so go ahead and listen but I really don’t think this one is going into the podcasting hall of fame.