Post 91: Be Wary Of Anything That Is Too Complicated

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“Be Wary of anything that seems too complicated.

Be More Wary of anyone making something simple  more complicated.”


Wise words and I wish I knew who said them first. 

What I do know is that for most people out there and by most I mean 90-95%  getting in shape is pretty basic.

I realize as a personal trainer I am supposed to make you believe that I have special secrets that I only reveal to my clients. Or that I have a way to get you in shape without the effort.

I hate to disappoint you but building muscle and dropping fat is about work. Hard work. That is why most people aren’t successful at it. It is a job you have to show up at 6 days a week and meet your quota or you don’t get a paycheck.

Simple as that.

By the way, the other 5-10% of people that can’t lose weight through diet and exercise have some physical issues that need to be addressed. No one else has an excuse.

You want better results….work harder. And… smarter but seldom is working smarter easier.

So just get used to the idea of working hard.

In terms of working out, working smarter means:

  • Compound body movements with perfect or close to perfect technique.
  • Planned workouts designed to maximize results and minimize time. 
  • Staying with basic movements to tie in muscle groups fine tune technique.

In terms of nutrition this means:

  • Basing your nutrition (whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose fat or both) around protein intake.
  • Taking in enough calories tooptimize your metabolism.
  • Taking in calories that do something for you an eliminating junk calories.

In terms of lifestyle:

  • Getting enough sleep to recover.
  • Developing a mindset to deal with stress and pressure without resorting to drugs, alcohol and prescriptions.

Now this is not going to be a comprehensive article going over every detail. The purpose of this is to get you to focus on the big factors that affect your health. Notice I am not talking about supplements, Bolivian butt dancing, exotic fruits from Polynesia, findings from pointy heads in lab coats or other distractions? Because that is all they all….distractions. They may have some merit but they are not the prime movers in you getting fit. So don’t dwell on that stuff.

Supplements can help you with the last 5-10% but don’t worry about that until you have a handle on the first 90-95%.

#1 Focus on hard consistent work.

#2 Eat like an athlete not a dieter.

#3 Measure evaluate and question.

Devote your time to these things and you will get results.

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Post 90: Introduction to M Factor Fitness and Nutrition

Why in the world do you need to look at another fitness blog, especially this one?

 Because in a world of cookie cutter blogs and follow the leader mentality, maybe you want a second opinion and some fresh ideas.

This is why I created M Factor Fitness and Nutrition. My clients  range from 35 to 60 years old and getting in shape is not as easy as it used to be. They are real people with jobs, mortgages and families. Some have never exercised and some are dealing with injuries from the past.

Most don’t like the idea of going to a gym or taking a class. They know they need individualized attention to get results. Here is what I have learned.

You don’t need advice on what everybody should be doing. You need advice on what you should be doing! 

Let me welcome to the world of M Factor Fitness. What I’ve done is take my personal training philosophy that I’ve developed over the past 10 years and put it in a format that is accessible by anybody.

This is the problem is this. Most people in the 35 to 60 age range want to get in better shape but they simply don’t have the time to do it or they have injuries that stop them from exercising regularly.

So with what little time you have we need to maximize your results. This means tossing out the ideas that don’t work and putting in effective ideas that will work. The problem here is that everybody is different and with everybody is unique.

If we train together I will give you a plan of action. If you read this blog I will offer up ideas for you to try. This is the purpose of this blog. Some of my ideas may seem a little counter intuitive at first but I would ask that you hang in there with me and try them for yourself. Everything I will blog about has science behind it.

The other side of this is that I will talk about stuff that flat-out doesn’t work and you need to avoid. If you are doing those things, don’t be offended. Think of it as a second opinion. This is a blog and blogs were meant to be interactive. So share your opinions.

So how should you actually use this website?

I recommend starting out doing three things.

1. Sign up for my newsletter so you can get articles delivered to your email every time I post. Actually I think I have this set up to send you an email every three blogs. I will also send you a quick note if anything important is coming up. Click here to get started.

2, Sign up for my free fitness portal. I have teamed up with TrueStar vitamins to provide my clients with a nutrition website that will create custom menus for you based on your goals and health issues. It also can also create exercise plans for you along with ideas on supplementation. Oh yeah, this is free to anyone who wants to join. 

One of the things I like best about the website is that it has 17,000 different recipes. Even if you don’t follow the recipes it will give you a good idea of how you need to be eating.

Look at it this way. If you went to a nutritionist they would charge you $300 to do the same thing. They may even be using the same software. So please take it advantage of this. I have been looking for software like this since I started personal training and I haven’t found anything that comes close to this. So check it out here.

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4. If you want to take me along in the car i have a new podcast called the ” M Factor Fitness FunkCast” available on ITunes for the reasonable fee of free.It is a little ragged but I am working on it. You can listen to it here.

Finally, I am not putting all this together for my ego. I am doing this to help you. So please make sure to ask me questions, suggest topics and make this blog your own.

P.S. As a struggling blogger, it is always nice when readers share content and it is always appreciated.