Post 89: What Kind of Personal Trainer Are You?

Anybody want to know a little bit more about my training style and Philosophy?

Here is an interview I did a long time ago for a website a while back. I just stumbled across it and I think it gives some pretty good insight to where I am coming from as a trainer. Enjoy,

1. Why did you choose to become a personal trainer?

One day I realized what being fit has meant to me and the doors that it has opened. It is an awesome feeling to give my clients the same power. Training and reaching your fitness goals will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. So many people focus on the destination but the journey is far more interesting.

2. How am I different from other Personal trainers?

A lot of trainers avoid clients with health issues but those are the people that need the most help. My emphasis is on training people in the 35 to 60 age range.

My specialty is creating custom programs based on what you need to fix your health.

  • Fix any mobility issues.
  • Address flexibility and stiffness issues.
  • Work on strength and endurance.
  • Help you achieve your personal goals..


3. What is my biggest Challenge in Training Clients?

If we can get the mindset right everything else that is good will follow. This means looking at your life as a whole: Exercise, nutrition, supplementation, sleep and attitude. If I can get accurate information in these areas we can usually fix the problem areas quickly.

4.How do I deal with clients who aren’t serious?

I try not to judge people on how serious they are. Everybody is different and they show their level of commitment differently. The reason I have a website, videos and blogs is to give the potential client a chance to get to know me before they pick up the phone.

5. What is the most important component to personal training that I advocate to clients?

Communication. I know making changes in your lifestyle can be hard and I am on your side. If there are any issues I am not addressing, I want you to tell me. My business is based on referrals and you are my walking billboard. I can’t succeed if you don’t succeed and I will give you all the tools to meet your goal.

6. What are my strengths as a trainer? Weaknesses?

My strength is that I can create fun, functional programs for you regardless of your level of fitness, experience, amount of time or type of equipment you have. My weakness may be that sometimes I feel I want my clients to achieve their goals more than they do.

7. What do I think of the ever popular “Atkins Diet”?

Different diets and nutrition programs work for different people. If that is your thing, I will work with you on it. Diets fail because you are forced to make too big of a change in your eating habits. I prefer to look at the way you like to eat and make a few tweaks here and there and add a few supplements.

Free Nutrition and menu Planner


8. What “Question” do I come across with most clients?

“How Can I fit exercise into my crazy lifestyle?”

9. Who is my favorite Fitness author?

It changes almost weekly. Whether it is J.C. Santana, Kelly Starrett or Pat Rigsby, I am always reading and learning.

10. Who has been your greatest success story?

Listen, everybody is a success story. Everybody comes from a different place and has different reasons for starting serious training. Everybody has obstacles and fears to overcome and I respect that.

11. What is your advice for clients first starting a fitness program?

1. Find a trainer who has experience and will listen to what you want to accomplish.
2. Get an exercise and nutrition program you can realistically follow for the long term.
3. Commit to it 100%.
4. Make sure the program addresses all aspects of health and fitness.

12. What type of training do you prefer, one-on-one or group? Why?

I offer both one on one and small group ( 1-4 ) people. Small group training is more affordable and if you have a couple of friends who are at the same ability level it is a lot of fun. If you have a number of issues and need specialized attention, I would go one on one. at least until I have you at a level where I don’t have to focus on you 100%.

13. What are my personal goals for the future?

Personal training is my passion and I am fortunate that I can earn a living doing it full-time. That means I can concentrate on training a small select number of clients and keep the level of quality high. In the future I want to work on more functional training and rehabbing clients along with more specific nutrition programs.

I also want to make this website and blog a comprehensive research center for anyone who wants to get back in shape, lose fat and be healthy. Please take advantage of this site. There is a ton of free stuff and access to some of the best fitness information on the web.

14. Anything else?

Definitely. have fun and enjoy life. Life is short. Don’t walk around in pain or huffing and puffing. Take charge of your health.

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