Welcome To Your Video Page!

So here it is.

All the videos for the rest of the course along with homework assignments.

All your weekly emails will have a link to this page.

Hopefully you used the time yesterday to do a couple of things.

  1. Download the HabitBull app for your phone.
  2. Come up with a goal
  3. Think of the 5 most effective actions/habits to get there.
  4. Think of potential icebergs that have sunk you in the past.
  5. Think about how you can get around those icebergs this time.

The major theme to this course can be summed up by the statement,

“Pretty good is good enough”

I don’t expect you to be perfect. Just think about what you have to do.


Email #2 Setting up your Goal Sheet


Get a piece of paper out and make your goal sheet. If you do it in a computer it won’t have the same impact as if you write it out.

Keep this close by. The more you look at it, the more effective it will be.

Email #3 Refining Your Goals


Take a look at what you have.


Can you define your goal a little better? Make it more powerful? More appealing?


Are they realistic? You don’t have to be perfect but you should be able to hit them 80% of the time.


Check the list one more time. Have you listed all the things you know are going to come up?

Iceberg Busters

This is the way you are going to deal with life getting in the way of your goal.

How confident are you that you will use them?

P.S. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go to my Facebook page and ask questions about this, http://facebook.com/mfactorfitness.


Email 4: Icebergs


Take some time and look think about this.

Don’t look at the obvious answer (the answer above the water), put on your scuba suit and ask your self what belief you

have that is causing you to always fail. Bring it to light and take away some of the power.


Email 5:Keeping up the Momentum


Think about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Maybe it is and entering a race, climbing a mountain or taking up a new sport.

Maybe you should buy clothes that are too small now but will fit by the end of the challenge.

Use your imagination!


Email 6: The Big Leap

Homework (optional)

Download The Big Leap by Gay Hendrick

This is a book that talks about self-sabotage and goes in to much more detail about why we tend to

Email 7: The Power of Questions


Take time to examine how you think about yourself.

What exactly do you think of yourself? Then see if it is really true. If not, where did this idea come from?

Would others think of you the same way?

Email 8: The Rut Buster 80/20 Rule


You will never get away from this rule. That is why it is a rule!

Focus more on the things giving you the most results.

Pretty simple. Pretty profound.

Email 9: The Herd Instinct


Not everyone will be in your corner. People trying to change will often times be pulled back by

their friends and family. Be prepared do deal with this because it is real.

Email 10: Changing Habits.


At this point you are falling behind on some habits. You may be at 70%, 80% or better at some and below 50% on others.

My idea is that pretty good is good enough. This week take a look at the habits that are below 50% and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is this an important habit to complete my goal?
  • Am I being too unrealistic?
  • Can I change this a little bit to make it more doable.

Email 11: Navy Seals and Elephant Steaks


Two different stories with the same theme. If it works for the Navy Seals, maybe you should pay attention.

Email 12: Time To Ramp It Up


Two more weeks to go. Are you on target or lagging behind.

Even if you are only at 60%, don’t give up. Think how much more you have done in the past few weeks.

Finish strong with momentum.

Email 13: Is Happiness Your End Goal?


Email 14: Where Do We Go From Here.