Post 36: Questions You Are Afraid to Ask Your Personal Trainer.

 Personal trainers and stereotypes? Yeah, believe it or not people have pre-conceptions about my profession. You too may have questions but were afraid to ask.

So let’s play

Ask a personal trainer. 

1. If I ask you these questions will you make me push-ups for the entire hour?

          No. I don’t think I have ever been offended by a question. Even if I was, I have never made anyone do push-ups for an hour. Now drop and give me twenty Ha Ha Ha!

2. I hear most trainers are gigolos. Are you a gigolo?

I am happily married and have two kids. I am the farthest thing from a gigolo.

 3. I hear most trainers are as dumb as a brick. Are you as dumb as a brick?

Well, you can draw you own conclusions on that one. I have a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Business Management from Trinity University. I am one of those corporate drop-outs that decided I would be happier pursuing what I love rather than playing the corporate game.

 4. You look older than twenty. I thought you had to be twenty years old to be a trainer.

    How much did you know about anything at age twenty? I am pretty sure that anyone who can stay up all night, eat anything they want and never gain a pound of fat is not the type of trainer that is going to be sympathetic to the issues of a fifty year old. I really don’t think there are any age limits for trainers. I am 46 now, which is about the average age of my clients.

5. Do you have to bench 300 pounds to be a trainer?

  No, I am afraid you have to actually study and take tests to become a trainer. Actually you don’t and that is the scary part about this. I think there are a lot of trainers out there whose only credentials are that they can bench 300 +.

6. Do you wear spandex and jump around?

I do not wear spandex and I rarely jump around unless we are doing plyometrics.

7. Do you take your shirt off and stare in the mirror when we train?

No, I am really not that vain.

8. Do you shout at clients when you train them like they do on ” Biggest Loser”?

No, I have never shouted at anyone and I am not going to start now.

9. Do you make your clients push cars and stuff like they do on ” Biggest Loser”?

Remember, the ” Biggest Loser” is just a TV show.

10. Have you ever had anyone have a heart attack while training?

No one has ever had a heart attack while working out with me.

Join me next time as maybe I will field another batch of questions.
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